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Don't eat from time to time

2021-09-01 02:43:26 Life journey

“ Don't eat from time to time ” Confucius said , It means to conform to the season , What season , What to eat .

Similarly, , An Englishman told me ,“ No R Don't eat oysters in the month of ”.

Read Maupassant's novels 《 My uncle Yule 》, The scene of European people eating oysters is impressive . english 12 Months , Most months are alphabetic R Of , image January,February,March,April,September,October,November,December. You can't eat oysters only from May to August , Because there is no... In the name of the month R(May,June,July,August). It is said that this is the oyster breeding period , Make sure that “ Sustainable eating ”, It's not appropriate to kill all ; It is also said that it coincides with the warmer weather , Microorganisms multiply quickly , Eating raw is easy to get sick .

yesterday , Go to a Japanese restaurant , I found the cup of wheat tea very lovely , Taking Photos

The cup is marked with the fish of spring , Summer fish , Autumn fish and winter fish , That is, what fish to eat in which month .

A Japanese friend said , Because there are many seafood materials in Japanese food , So keep the Japanese tape “ fish ” There are more than 40 Kanas of Chinese characters , I don't know . Check the meaning of seafood on the cup , Some found :

アサリ( Venerupis philippinarum ): Clams ,5—7 month

ハモ( Snakehead ): eel ,6—7 month

スズキ( Perch ): Sea bass ,6—9 month

アジ( I ): Bamboo fish ,6—9 month

サンマ( Saury ): Saury ,8—11 month

サバ( Mackerel ): Blue and white fish ,9—11 month

マグロ( Tuna ): tunas ,10—2 month

ブリ( 鰤 ): Fish ,10—2 month

ホタテ( Fan Li Bei ): Scallop in Shell ,10—12 month

タラ( Cod ); The cod ,12—2 month

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