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Don't panic, baby, there is an exit here ~ photos with proper tilt will be more real and dynamic. Original / heart travel ~ Chapter 83

2021-09-01 02:44:04 Photography

original / Heart travel ~ The first 83 piece

chart / writing : Bi Yi

《 Don't panic, baby , There's an exit here ~ Properly tilted photos will be more realistic and dynamic 》


      Remember the first time I had an outside shooting class , The teacher asked everyone to shoot in front of the movie wall in the park . The purpose is to hold the camera , Shoot horizontally and vertically .

      Such training is necessary , Because all kinds of learning , Basic knowledge and industry rules are the most basic , It is also the most important thing to master .

      And the final practice , But it varies from person to person , Learn to be flexible and innovative according to local conditions , Otherwise, it is fundamentalism , A nerd .

      The way this work was created , In my previous photos, it belongs to a very few , Although not an alternative , But it's also unique .

      I took my daughter to KFC for dinner that day , The restaurant is big , Upper and lower floors , There are a lot of people eating , We had to go up to the second floor , Find a corner and sit down .

      I watched the surroundings while eating , Love the habit of taking photos. I want to take some photos wherever I go to keep a souvenir , Or find the right theme , Try photography .

      Until it's finished , I didn't find a suitable subject , Plus there are many people eating , It's not very convenient to take photos from east to West . Just about to regret carrying a tray to take out the garbage , Look down , See what's on the ground “ EXIT ” Green logo .

      I immediately felt , This subject can enter the mirror . therefore , Put down the tray first , Discuss with your daughter , Let her go along the direction of the arrow , And I'll take her back .

      My daughter knows me very well , Also very cooperative with me , Follow the direction of the arrow straight ahead . I don't want to shoot other customers , And to find a unique perspective , squat on the heels , Tilt the phone , And close to the ground . Focus on “ EXIT ” On the logo , Create a three-dimensional effect of real in front and virtual in back .

      In order to capture the best position of the character's feet in the picture and the best visual effect , I let my daughter walk three times in total , This is one of the most ideal , The picture that best reflects my original intention .

      Why should I tilt this picture properly , The purpose is to have a real dynamic . We all know , The purpose of the safety exit sign , Is to tell people where to go , You can walk to the gate . It's also a reminder , This is the way to escape .

      And I tilt the picture , There will be a feeling that the characters leave in a hurry . The direction of the arrow and the lines of the floor tiles just form a convergence line , Point forward , Point to safety .

      So , There is no definite law , As long as it is a way to reflect the needs of creation , No matter what , It's worth trying .

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