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You should learn to use incremental thinking

2021-09-01 03:02:32 Life journey

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The value of a person or unit generally has two aspects , On the one hand, it's what you have now , That is to say “ The stock of ”, It's the value you created in the past and the resources you have now , Like your current job 、 deposit 、 contacts 、 Skill ; The other is what you may have in the future , That is to say “ The incremental ”, It is the new value you may create in the future and the new resources you may obtain , Like a possible new job 、 More savings 、 Better contacts 、 Higher level skills and so on . Both aspects are equally important , Generally speaking , The greater the age , Maybe the larger the stock , The smaller the increment , Therefore, the lower the possibility of creating new value . conversely , The younger you are , The stock is small 、 The increment is large , There are unlimited possibilities in the future .

All management , In fact, on the basis of giving full play to the stock efficiency , Think again and try to make a big increment , So that the incremental part can benefit everyone . There are two aspects of management objects , First, material resources , Second, human resources . These two elements need to be considered with stock and incremental thinking , Material resources should be revitalized as much as possible , Avoid idle waste , Human resources should be compared according to stock and incremental value , Consolidate existing achievements with stock . The ultimate goal is to stimulate innovation with incremental parts , Finally, the incremental part is used for new benefit distribution , So as to improve the efficiency of overall resources .

for example , The company is operating , Ensuring the original profit is the stock problem , Creating new profits is creating incremental , Reward with increment , So as to avoid the impact of incentives on the original stock distribution pattern , It can also stimulate new vitality . Administrative institutions cannot create economic benefits , Economic benefits, whether stock or increment , There is not much room for improvement , Stock and increment are mainly expressed at the job level , Only by consolidating existing personnel job levels , Then through the level promotion , Increase the number of positions and levels to encourage , You can win new honors through creation , To inspire everyone , So as to enhance the overall efficiency of the team .

For individuals , Also learn to revitalize Existing stock , Create incremental , Only so , So that the future can be expected .

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