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Daughter of nature (237)

2021-09-01 03:16:36 Photography

Nature these wild plants , Just sprouting red leaves , The shape of love , Take a good look at . Meet... Every year , I can take a lot of pictures .

Grow grow grow bigger , The shape doesn't change , The color turns green . Remember the summer when I was a child , Slack farming time , Dad took us all over the mountain , Get this leaf , Carry a basket back to home , Then pour it into the pigsty .

The pigs trample on it day by day , Time is long. , Fermentation with pig manure is a good farmyard fertilizer , Then carry the basket back to the ground , Fertile soil .

Another peach blossom season , Peach blossom is really a beautiful flower , One by one, it looks good , It's nice to shoot a whole tree together . Every spring when peach blossoms are in full bloom , My spring orange —— Red orange , After more than a year of growth, it has matured , When passing behind your back , I love taking pictures together .

Red orange , I carry a basket on my back + Half a bag back ,60 It's too heavy , Farming for so many years , Take your time . Young women of mom's time , Can be like men , back 130 It's a lot of pounds, even 150 Jin , I guess it's back to 70 Jin is good .

Why are there busy farming 、 Slack farming

Isn't it good to be even

Of course

It was busy farming at that time

Wait for slack farming

I don't think so

Orange man

Mom's squeezed fruit , Freshly made , Nice color, a little red . Slowly darken into old dishes , It's what I love .

“ The onion     Chinese cabbage     Little day ”

Wash, wash , Just think of it 6 A word .

Actually , It's just a beauty , There are so many spring days in life .

Especially in spring , This special season , The season of recovery , We farmers are the busiest and most tired days .

A year's plan begins in spring

There is too much farm work in spring , If you want to do well , Endless work . farming , Yes “ Too meticulous person ” The said , Just some farm work , The farming life of meticulous people , Always rush day by day , Hurry up .

Oranges grown by too thin people , Not necessarily the best to eat, the best to look , But the orchard must be the cleanest and most sunny .

Too small people's eyes , There is no room for chaos in the field . It's also , After all, oranges are our family's entire source of income , Love orange as life , It's not too much .

Eat what you grow

Dashan's children , I can't change my fate by reading

So now farming is hard work


Try again

Otherwise , died of old age , It will still be hard

Life will not be easy

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