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Lost father

2021-09-01 03:21:49 Life journey

In the park in the evening , quiet 、 Leisure , A gentle breeze . Scattered citizens take a nap or stroll here .

A mother and daughter are sitting on a bench by the lake . A little girl should be five or six years old , Holding a sugar gourd in his hand, he ate it with relish , Mother wiped her mouth from time to time .

Not far away , There was an old man and a middle-aged man , Is slowly coming this way . Grandpa's gray hair , faltering . The expression on his face is like a child , Sometimes I look up at the floating clouds in the sky and look curious , Sometimes I stare blankly at the distance .

When they passed the mother and daughter , Grandpa stopped , He stared straight at the sugar gourd in the little girl's hand . All of a sudden , He walked to the little girl three steps at a time , Reached out to the sugar gourd ……, The little girl burst into tears . The little girl's mother quickly stood up and protected the little girl , The middle-aged man also quickly pulled grandpa away . The little girl's mother said angrily :“ How can you old comrade rob children's things ? It's so disrespectful ”! Grandpa didn't respond , Eyes still stay on the sugar gourd . The middle-aged man quickly apologized and said :“ I'm sorry , I'm sorry , My father has Alzheimer's disease , I'm really sorry ”…...

The little girl's mother didn't say anything , Took the little girl away . The middle-aged man held grandpa and continued to look forward , I haven't taken a few steps yet , Grandpa turned to the way he came , Shouting to go out . The middle-aged man said :“ dad , We just came in , Walk around and go out ”! Grandpa refused to , Stubbornly insist on going back , The middle-aged man frowned , A little unhappy to say :“ dad , Why are you so disobedient , Can't you stop for a while ”? As he spoke, he dragged grandpa forward .

The old man broke away from the middle-aged man's hand , Shout out :“ I want to go out , I'm going to buy sugar gourd , My son likes sugar gourd best , It's too late to buy ……”

The middle-aged man was stunned .

immediately , He took grandpa's hand , say :“ good , dad , Then we'll buy sugar gourd ……

He walked , Lift up your cuffs , Wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes .

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