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Hushan Reservoir

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At the south foot of Mount Tai, there is a place known as little Penglai , It is now the Hushan Reservoir .

《 Taishan Daoli 》 load :“ Qiu is in the north of the Bay , Shichang Senyin , Aoshuishu ( The camp ),《 Mount Tai wins 》 The supposed “ Little Penglai ”, What I'm talking about is the current Hushan Reservoir . In the East is the tiger mountain named after Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty shot tigers here , Hushan Reservoir was built in 1956 year , It is adjacent to Mount Tai in the north , Facing the Queen Mother pool in the South , Formed a Piedmont Pinghu .

1988 Build Hushan Park in , Hushan pavilion was built to set off Hushan park ,1989 It was built and opened in , Since then , The scenery of lakes and mountains and pavilions complement each other , Green mountains blend with clear water , The temple reflects the ancient cypress , Historical, cultural and cultural landscapes are all around , Visitors wander among them , Like a fairyland .

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