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2021-09-01 03:27:08 Literary frequency modulation

One 、 Climbing


Must have had and lost

The same thing

Days , smoke from kitchen chimneys , Magnificent mountains and rivers

Fire and Chinese characters

the ancients , I

And later

Will be on this mountain

Appreciate nothingness beyond reality


Before there were humans

Thunder and wind

Two 、 autumn rains

The world is a musical instrument played by you

The heartbeat of a drop of rain

And the sea

Same frequency

Hibiscus, crape myrtle, swallow

The flower cat crouching under the window

The bulrushes in the baola River are scattered like orchids

They are all gentlemen who have read the book of songs

I'm the only one

Like a restless thief

The fields are vast

Crops and mountains above the horizon are silent


It's also a language

Ripple ring hair spiral nebula

Spiral pattern in the palm

There is a secret

3、 ... and 、 Swan goose

Follow spring

It's a fate engraved in the gene

Eight thousand miles of cloud and moon

A herringbone formation without changing capital


Old and weak

More need to settle down

tomb of Wang Zhaojun

The sunset falling from the decaying grass

The sound of singing in Shanglin garden

I can't shoot another one

The book of wild goose feet

In the 21st century

Zhu Rong's affectionate greetings to his hometown

From Mars

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