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2021-09-01 03:27:13 Literary frequency modulation

Because I love grapes , So I was called sister grape by my friends . I used to think grapes are fruits that grow far away , So I'll wait for grapes in the fruit shop , Until one day Po sent a bunch of purple grapes with frost , Only know that grapes are not too far from us .

natural , Po's grapes can't be hidden . I'll look for a chance to see the grapes . Grapes are addictive , Because grapes change every day , It's confusing . In early spring , Po, try the temperature , Unseal the grapes , Pull the branch on the shelf , The old pruned branches are very strong , Climb on the rack with great strength , I can't see they're going to blossom and bear fruit . Several rains in summer , Green round grapes hang all over the branches , Such fruit gives people a clean enjoyment , If you want to eat , I don't think anyone wants to eat , At a glance, the green grape acid poured his teeth . Autumn afternoon , Po and I went to see the grapes again , The whole grape wall , It's covered with purple grapes , Under the grape rack are colorful chrysanthemums , Grapes are the main character in the whole small yard . We sat in the shade by the grape wall , Drinking boiled black tea , Enjoy the plump grapes .

“ There are two or three varieties on this shelf , See if you can distinguish .”

“ I can't tell , It looks almost the same .”

“ Why don't you take it off and try it .”

I picked some clusters of darker grapes , Taste while tasting , But it's really a taste .

Po said that they had been planted , I smiled. , say :“ Grapes hear us talking about them , It seems that too close will affect each other .” Po smiles, too , We agree that this is the same as peer learning .

Whether animals or plants , There will be a whole set of learning system , Will naturally integrate into the surrounding environment , Seeking common ground by eliminating differences , Grapes also learn , This is my new discovery .

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