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Ancient meaning

2021-09-01 03:27:14 Literary frequency modulation

Persuade you to stop leaning on your three inch tongue , Win the land of the Wang family .

Take a look at the beautiful place of Guanhe River , A few storms, a few sunny .

Where does Su Qin and Zhang Yi have ? Qin Saiwu and Guan Feng roared .

Li Sheng's words calmed the world , Singing before death, ghosts also worry .

The eternal King bully , I've always been ambitious and love to be a marquis .

Poor Jiao Jiao Qin Lou Yue , Don't shine on falling flowers, shine on human bones .

The vast sea, the yellow sand and the wind are bitter , Fight in the morning and afternoon .

There are arrowheads between lips and tongue , Saliva can make blood float .

Strong years old, garrison the border, white head still , The wife doesn't know her husband's face .

Street talk makes trouble , The boundlessness seems to be separated from the afterlife .

The seal is thin and long, and the reward is hard work , Half in the stone mountain, like a lying Tiger .

Spring ploughing, autumn harvest, diligent farming , Autumn donated spring lessons only to apply .

Have you noticed , Wuling even strange autumn grass , The sunset wind blows the Artemisia annua .

When people die, they empty the fertile land , Autumn turns into rice three Dendrobium .

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