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2021-09-01 03:27:26 Literary frequency modulation

  Really? , I may really have never seen such an absurd person as her !

  she , Let's use Y Instead .Y jun , It is said that he is still a student , But he is an unusual student . Once , I came to her house ,Y You don't greet tea , But led me straight to the bookcase . Ask me what books I like . Ah , This is really strange , She doesn't have any books for students to read , Instead, they are books very different from ordinary students .

  listen Y You said , She likes magic realistic novels , I like martial arts , Like humorous short stories …… I don't like the script , I don't like too much documentary literature , I don't like too pretentious Youth Literature ……

  There is a van Gogh painting on her bookcase , Of course, it's an imitation , And it's an imitation of eight centimeters long and five centimeters wide , It's called 《 olive 》 Van Gogh's paintings that were not very typical during his lifetime .

  So I asked. Y Do you love art , She categorically said no , Just because it says Van Gogh's painting , Otherwise, she wouldn't glue a painting eight centimeters long and five centimeters wide to the bookcase . Do you think I'm stupid , She said .

  meanwhile Y Jun said that the very thick original four masterpieces at the top are just to support the field , I don't intend to do any research .“ If I want to study them , You should keep the book at hand , Instead of the fourth floor you can get from a chair .”Y Jun explained seriously .

  I noticed Y There are several bottles of health care products of different shapes on your bookcase , Why put it here ? I asked .

  “ Because they and books are my spiritual food , I believe in medicine , I also believe in my favorite books .”

  Although I think her illness takes calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc or vitamins CB It's not all good , Of course, if a madman eats health care products, he can recover , The hospital should have closed long ago . So I still think she's taking medicine ( Oh no , If health care products are also drugs ) Just holding up the scene . After all, she is such an absurd person .

  Never read books that are age appropriate for students , I don't believe in such authoritative assessment .

  I can't imagine Y You look like a businessman , She always likes to buy books , But she doesn't like selling books . But , When I think of her after many years , She opened a bookstore , Selling books .

  After many years , I heard she got married and had children . So I was shocked , Boarded the door of the long future . In my mind , She is absurd , She is serious , She is lonely , Her unmatched pride and narcissism , I never imagined that she would look like an ordinary , Like thousands of people in the world , Although her things always shock me . An introvert became the owner of a bookstore , A proud man lives like an ordinary man . I almost forgot , She can eat fireworks between people ! That's all. , Live a plain life , It seems that she has never been what she used to be .

  Later I heard that , Her son is illiterate , Never read , Although I know words , But I can't even write my own name .Y Junsuo changed his name to “ One ”. I wonder again , Surprised again . The son of a literate bookstore owner turned out to be illiterate ! Others don't understand . But she doesn't care and even thinks it's good . She never seems to care so much about things , It seems that you care about everything .

  Y You said to me , She never let her son read , But let the child swim with his talent . It is said that her Yijun became an athlete , That guy is like a fish in the water . I couldn't help asking her , Are there any books that have a great impact on her life ?Y You look at me , Burst out laughing ,“ Um. , Maybe no book can change my life , I can only say ,《 The moon and Sixpence 》 It's a book for me , It keeps reminding me to let children chase the moon .”

  “ Then you're picking up sixpence on the ground for your child ?” I asked with a smile .

  “ No no , I'm picking up sixpence on the moon .”Y Jun said , The corners of the mouth have a smug look .

  She is still a proud person after all .


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