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Highway repair to the door (4)

2021-09-01 03:27:44 Literary frequency modulation

Because it's a doorstep project , Many villagers have participated in the construction and maintenance of this road . At that time, the sub contracting system was adopted , From Lulong service area to our village , Contracted by our village committee , Mainly responsible for some basic 、 A restorative project .

The village committee has also set up a task force . My father is good at carpentry and bricklaying , Become a member of the task force , Got a technician's small card . The members of the task force are not limited to the villagers of the village , There are some special types of work , Like a hook opener 、 Forklift driver , You need to recruit from other villages .

At that time , The forklift driver in the team is a burly 、 Uncle Zhang with some pockmarks on his face . He has a good relationship with his father , I've had dinner at my house several times . Slowly get familiar with him , I met him in the street driving a forklift . Not waiting for me to speak , He greeted me with a smile . In the gap when the car stops , I climbed into the cockpit skillfully , Sit firmly in the vice seat next to him . The forklift started slowly , At this time, I turned around and looked at the little friend who was walking with me in the street , They saw me in a tall and powerful forklift , All cast envious eyes .

Actually , It's not just the rural engineering elite involved , Many ordinary villagers , Including women and children , Also contributed to the construction of this road . Remember it was 1998 end of the year , The highway has just been completed , The protective walls on both sides of the road need to be painted manually . The village committee then mobilized the idle villagers to participate .

It was a weekend , Our children also follow their mother 、 Aunt and others , Took up the work of a painter . This job is not difficult , Is to brush white paint along the raised hexagonal marks on the protective wall —— According to the print, it is , Just be careful not to paint the marks , Don't sprinkle everywhere .

All morning , I got my first salary —— Ten dollars , But the purchasing power of ten yuan at that time was no less than 100 yuan now ? I was very happy when I got the money , I went to the grocery store and bought some packets of spicy strips 、 Several bags of instant noodles , The rest hesitated , I handed it over to my parents .

About this road , I didn't expect to hook up so many loose and fragmented memories . From the original novelty 、 Excited to slowly get familiar with 、 Of couse , There is also a process of change in the villagers' attitude towards this road . Now , It lies quietly on the vast rural land , Integrate yourself into the lives of the villagers along the way , Grow old with villages and villagers .( End )

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