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2021-09-01 03:27:53 Literary frequency modulation

      Time is like running water , When we are busy, time always passes in such a hurry , When we are free, we think time may be slower ! For time, my experience tells me that the more time I have, the more time I will waste , On the contrary, it is the time squeezed out in those busy days that I cherish .

    A colleague gave up his job and stayed at home just for an exam , I really don't understand . Maybe I don't have such background and confidence , But I also wonder if more time will really make rational use of time ? Maybe some people have strong self-discipline , But one day 24 Hours , Who can guarantee to focus on learning all the time ? Don't you need a combination of work and rest ? The combination of work and rest of adults may be brushing the play , Brush ring …… An hour , Two hours …… I always feel that I have more time , I haven't had a rest today , Rest is called a combination of work and rest …… On the contrary, I think there is enough time . But in those busy days , The time stolen after work can be used reasonably and effectively , Learning efficiency can also get twice the result with half the effort . The busy heart is , I have to make good use of my time , I don't have much time ……… The stolen time makes you fuller . If I choose , I will still choose to study while working ! At least in the end , Even if the exam doesn't meet expectations , But it's comforting to be able to , I studied in my spare time .

      People always have a common disease , The easier it is to get, the harder it is to cherish ! I think it's also for time !

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