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Run, run

2021-09-01 03:27:57 Photography

I feel like I haven't run for a long time .

Exactly , I haven't exercised for more than 30 minutes for a long time .

The obvious feeling is your thigh muscles , After yesterday 3.5 Kilometers and today 4.5 After the baptism of kilometers , A little sore , More soft and sleepy .

Thirty minutes yesterday

Today's 4.5 km

Today's pace , I still feel great .

Today's pace

There are some differences in running distance and speed between different software . ok , Not very big .

And today's sky , It also gives extra face .

It's beautiful .

set out

On the way

Finally, the stretch after the end .

ah , It hurts to death , But the good thing is , The ease after stretching is so comfortable that it's going to die .

It's really addictive .

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