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The story of time

2021-09-01 03:34:05 Photography

The road of life has experienced countless ups and downs , It has also trained our will and mind , No longer narrow, no longer extreme , No longer lonely and autistic . Life teaches us tolerance and adaptation , Reality strikes let us accept and grow .

The childish face slowly showed a calm look , The pace of walking is not slow, controlled under your own feet . Before you know it , You and I him that year , Have quietly grown up .

Meet by chance somewhere , You are all secretly surprised at each other's changes , His face was written with a light smile , I haven't seen you for a long time, some perfunctory words . You all called each other's names in your heart , Eyes are avoiding many explorations and inquiries , You say you're busy now , Talk another day and say goodbye in a hurry . This one don't , Another ten or twenty years 、 Thirty years ? The time of life can no longer be calculated by years , The days of separation may be remembered in the centuries ……

You waved goodbye in a hurry , You walk on your own roads , You don't have to look back , You are busy with your wonderful life now . Only I'm still here , Write down bad words , Record every bit that goes away , Collect the moments you have long forgotten . No, I'm not busy enough , Not my inner emptiness , I am always so serious and persistent , Treat every one of you in your life with your heart .

You me his story , In the green countryside , In the cities that have been deserted one after another , I hope we can all face each tomorrow calmly . Let's listen to that old song again :

Distant journey, yesterday's dream and distant laughter

How many miles have we gone through to meet again

No longer familiar, I have old fanatical dreams

It's not familiar. I still have a smile

The story of her taking time has changed us

In that sentimental and first recalled youth

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