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I came from the rain, and the rain did not stop behind me.

2021-09-01 03:37:16 Life journey

It's raining all the time , Kept my family .

Through the vast rain , I can't see the ordinary hut in the distance , Although I say , Even without the rain curtain , I still can't see my home , But the rain curtain gave me the feeling of being far away from home . here , Rain and no wind , But the rain at this time does not need the help of the lightness of the wind , He radiated his coolness incisively and vividly . At this time, the rain wet the road , Washing the green leaves , Soaked everything into my destination , Pedestrians scattered in the rain , Hold your arms like autumn leaves from time to time , Running home with the air conditioner . by myself , Riding a bike in the rain , No raincoat , No umbrella , Personal contact with the rain . It doesn't rain much , But it slapped me on the cheek , My arms , It conveys the coolness of autumn . The rain is not small , But only a thin layer of the ground , I don't dare to ride in the rain too fast , To avoid slipping and falling . But the beating of the rain and the anxiety of going home , Let me not be too slow . In this not fast not slow , It's raining all the time , There is no decreasing trend , It's getting bigger , It seems to stop my family .

I came from the rain , Wrapped in a thin 、 Cool water vapor , At this time, I wear black T T-shirt , Behind him was a misty scene , It makes me feel more lonely . There is still a misty scene in front of me , But the scene in front of me is more familiar , More intimate . No matter how heavy the rain is , Can't erase the memory in my mind 、 The rain is fierce again , It can't be poured out. It comes from the rain , After experiencing the wind and rain, I am eager to return home .

When I finally became a drowned chicken , I finally got home , Looking at the warm home , Smell the smoke coming from the chimney , Listen to the laughter and laughter , This is my home , This is where I yearn . Left the rain , Stepped into the house , A warm breath washed away the thin coolness of my whole body , Resist the intrusion of the cool air behind me , It rained heavily , It's very cool , But it doesn't matter .

Sitting in the room , Look at things, two windows . There was a moderate rain in front of the east window , In front of the west window, there are also small 、 The same rain . But at this time, I don't catch cold in the rain , And look at the scenery in the house .

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