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May your journey and return be expected

2021-09-01 03:37:39 Photography

One year , Maybe I'm eight or nine years old or younger . Father goes out to work , More than a month away , I haven't come back until the original date . At that time , Communication is still underdeveloped , Even more in small villages , It can be said that there is basically no communication . Mother took me and my sister , Besides worrying about my father , And worry about the financial situation at home . But she never revealed the troubles of livelihood in front of our sisters , This is what I came to understand when I grew up .

It was still summer , It's OK to have a full stomach in your own vegetable garden . There is a dish of fried cowpeas with eggs , The three of us haven't been tired of eating for several days .

One evening , The three of us ate in the yard again . From a distance came a man with sloppy clothes , Full of stubble , A haggard man . We all looked at him , Until he came near and said hello to us , I heard that my father came back . The mood at that moment , That excitement and joy , Words cannot express . I just remember the three of us ran over at once . Even today, many years later , Write down this paragraph , Still can't help tears condensing on the eyelashes .

The development of modern communication , It's hard to feel that again . It can be seen that the ancient family letters , It's worth ten thousand gold .

It was the only time in my memory that my father went away , I haven't worked abroad since then . Because we all think , Life can be a little poor , Compared with , It's relatively rare for a family to be able to work day and night . That trip back , It has branded a deep mark in each of us , In the days to come , Often mentioned .

home , Is the starting point of the soul , It's the home of tired birds , Is a person's last place . Every trip , Are endowed with thoughts and expectations .

Parents in , Home is there .

The ancients said , My parents are not far away , I think so !

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