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Novice writing, using A4 paper to build left and right brain frames, easy to draft

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First , Determine the writing theme . Then take out 1 Zhang A4 Brainstorm on paper , First write the theme , Written in A4 The most central position of the paper .

During brainstorming , Let's start with everything related to this topic , The golden sentence you can think of 、 material 、 The story …… Write it all down . Then you can ask yourself why , Dig deep and decide , And write it all on this piece of paper .

After brainstorming , Start building left and right brain frames . Then take out a new A4 Fold the paper in half , Draw a vertical line in the middle . On the left is the rational framework , It's a skeleton , On the right is the emotional fill , Equivalent to flesh and blood .

Combined with the first A4 The content of paper brainstorming , I'll take the case 、 The story 、 Jin Ju et al , Put it all in this new A4 The right side of the paper .

Here it is A4 The left side of the paper , According to the idea of brainstorming, dig deep and so on , I will write the article, which will be roughly divided into several paragraphs , What is written in each paragraph , What structure is used to present , Write it all down , It's like a mind map

When the left and right brain frames , Here it is A4 When the paper was initially formed . The contents on the right are filled into the large frame on the left one by one . Then the rudiment of such an article came out

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