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Weekend notes

2021-09-01 03:45:15 Photography

This weekend is a weekend , My husband and daughter are back , The mood is quite cool . Wake up in the morning , Spent the morning at home , I feel like I haven't done anything . In the afternoon, I went to the nearest wanghong punch in place CJY, They are called the local little Sanya .CJY It's an immigration area , The villagers moved from the pastoral area , All the houses are planned and built by the government . What attracts us is the newly developed artificial lake , The lake is vast , The lake is deep , The water is clear to the bottom , Like a mirror , The breeze blows , In the sunlight, the waves shine a little , A group of children are playing games in the water , It gives people a relaxed and happy feeling at the seaside .


Pretend to be on the beach

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