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Crying two treasures

2021-09-01 03:45:36 Life journey

      “ wow …… ah ……” The child's cry from far to near , Look up in the morning 10 Half past six ,“ It must be the dick , Crying in the air , Why are you unhappy again .” I said to myself . Just talking , One dragged two into the store , Hold one in your arms , Holding one in his hand . This one in my arms is playing a little song high and low , No tears in my eyes .

      Friends who are close as sisters , The eldest is six years old , Second, more than two weeks , It's all smelly boys , The second cried because his father took the three people to the gate of the mall and left , The child thought his father would play with him , So as soon as I saw the car go, I kept arguing for my father . I cried for an hour and a half , When you're tired, your voice goes down , After a rest, the sound is loud again , Just keep humming and hawing , It doesn't help that these people in the store tease him in turn . I'll bring him a sugar , He took it to eat , At the moment when you pick up the sugar with your little hand , Give me a look “ Er Bao doesn't cry , Aunt gave me sugar .” He looked at me with a serious look , Put your little hand out , Really stopped crying , When the sugar was in his palm , He went on “ Find Dad …… Ah! ” I cried a few times , Then put the sugar in your mouth , The kind that melts when it's contained , Just into my throat ,“ wow ……” Connected again , It's seamless . No one can hold it , It's on his mother , His mother is also upset , And we complained that the father didn't play with the child and so on , Let the child twist , Coax is also not good, angry coax ; Crying, I haven't been in the mood to do anything all morning , The mood also becomes a little irritable ; The clerk in the shop is still single , Frown , Later jokingly said : If you have such a child , I would rather not , It's too noisy .

    The three of us probably thought about how he could shut up , Play well , Because trying all kinds of ways can't stop him crying , That's why I'm upset . In fact, children just cry to express their emotions , Just looking for Dad .

    Then at noon 12 Some more , Let's have lunch , His mother called his father and asked him if he would come for lunch , Back on the phone : I'll be there in a minute . Hem and haw's two treasures slipped out of his mother's arms and onto the ground , Trotting all the way to stand in front of the store ,“ dad …… Ah ……” Although I haven't seen anyone yet , But he was smiling and waiting with his feet jumping ……


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