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Changing diapers [street photography]

2021-09-01 03:49:46 Photography

Street photography is full of accidents , This is also one of the charms of street photography . Walking on the street , Even if you use your imagination, you can't predict the possible situation . When you feel dull about everything around you , But it often surprises you , This is a gift from photography , It's a photographer day after day 、 Walking down the street year after year is the best gift .

After defecating, the child lies on his mother's leg , Mother changed her diapers . This posture is comfortable for children , Adults are also the most convenient to operate . At this time, the child stopped playing , Give yourself completely to your mother , I believe my mother can make myself clean and comfortable again . In the process, the mother often talks to her children , In fact, it's more self talk , Say something angry but full of love . Look at the child's healthy stool , It's comforting to be a parent , I believe people with children can understand .

The child turned his head and looked at the camera with two black grape eyes , Nothing is more curious than children , Learn from children , You'll find a different world .

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