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Listen to the rain and enjoy the cool autumn

2021-09-01 03:52:00 Life journey

Through the bustling streets , Turn into a quiet alley , Explore a courtyard deep . Push open the heavy door leaves , Step into the old days ……

Deep and secluded alleys

The courtyard is lined with white walls and grey tiles , The shallow water in the curved pond flows softly , The bamboo branches are gently shaken to bring bursts of cinnamon fragrance , The little pink skirt flying in the lotus leaves .

Little teahouse

If you can put a log case here , Buy a set of blue and white porcelain , Wash a bamboo leaf green , Invite some friends , Sit around and have tea and talk about business , It should be immortal happiness . Or a person , Holding a beloved book , Read slowly with the sound of running water ……

The green vine hangs on the wall , Bamboo branches reflect the cool water .

Hope lotus doubt autumn , Listen to the rain and taste aloes !

Listen to the rain and aloes

In autumn , The wind and rain are slightly cool ; Silent days , Sit alone and taste incense . Listen to Ye Luo's voice , It seems to tell a rich story of a lifetime . The buds in the sun and moon are tender and yellow 、 Shady green 、 Exhausted and withered , It's all about growth ; The insects and birds in those seasons peck 、 Sun and moon 、 The wind destroys the rain , It's all about experience . When the autumn wind rises , Floating and falling , Given the most affectionate moral : The friendship of green leaves to roots ! That piece of falling , Chasing the wind and rain , Jump on the earth , Fall into the dust , Gradually turned into spring mud !—— Muye Jushi

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