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The second failure of RI Geng

2021-09-01 03:55:06 Life journey

      The second challenge day is more 38 An article , After using the resurrection card twice, it finally failed .

      Challenge day is to challenge yourself how long you can persist in doing this , Can it last longer , up to now , Think about it or want to continue the challenge . The reason for the failure is to do it before going to bed every day , But because sometimes I work overtime, I don't have much time at the end , Not in the mood to write, or to finish the day more hastily , Poor quality , It seems that in order to cope with the task , When you think about it, it's not your first intention . So the next day starts today , Set the time for the next morning , Some time ago, a friend said that only getting up early can go to bed early , indeed , Adjusting the biological clock is also one of the basic skills of self-management .

    Learn from failure , Today, we have established falg, Continuous day 2020 year 12 month 31 Japan .

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