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2021-09-01 04:00:16 Photography

      Every once in a while , I have to do one meaningful thing - donate blood . Look, school is about to begin , Afraid of being busy after school , Decide to find a time to finish your task .

        see , I went there yesterday afternoon when I had time , But somehow , But ran the needle , So there was a congestion , Although it doesn't hurt , But it looks ugly , Especially the doctor repeatedly told me not to work these two days 、 Don't touch water, etc .

        But , Today, the school has labor tasks . What do I do ? Don't worry, children , Afraid of hurting 、 Afraid of touching them , I'm also afraid of problems in children's cooperation , Or neglect any sanitary dead corner . But I'm more afraid of going by myself , I can't help working with the children , Although the director said again and again “ Come on , You just talk and don't do it ”, But I know more about my smelly problems , I can “ Out of sight, out of sight ”, Never “ Sit idly by ” Of . therefore , I have to harden my heart , Study quietly at home .

        see , But I'm so busy, children , Running around like a motherless child . But also good ,“ After the poor, the children are in charge early ”, The less adults care , The faster children grow , For our children ( Xie fengshuo Nie Linxi Xiao Hui Shang jiakui Sun shuoxin Li Bowen Duan Shengtao Du Ruoxu Sun Xiaoye Li Zichen ) Give me some advice. !

        Come back , They received greetings from the children , Tell them it's just a blood clot from the running needle , Tell them to spend the last few days of the holiday , Get ready for the ninth grade , Live up to my expectations 、 Not to lose time !

        These kids , At school , I often blame them for being unreliable , It's time for me to look at you with new eyes . I? ? Be sure to concentrate on reading more , Help children resolve their difficulties on the way forward , Fang has lived up to our relationship between teachers and students in the past two years .

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