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Night (two poems)

2021-09-01 04:09:18 Literary frequency modulation

One of :


No ink

Go along the river

There are willow branches

The river is also light

A dragonfly

In a red coat , Such as

Lone ranger .


The second :


The swallow hasn't returned to the South yet

But I clearly heard the buzzing of insects , and

Like the bird with a black double tailed ,


The moon didn't rise     stay

On the top of the East Mountain

It hangs far from the top of the forest

At this moment, whether there is also sobbing water ,

Go through the city ,


There is also a touch of sadness

Flying in the wind

Waiting is like an ancient legend

A moon

Hanging high in the night sky

It seems to express , Spread ancient language

From the Shang and Zhou Dynasties to the spring and Autumn period

From the Warring States period to the Qin and Han Dynasties

That text has a long history

It's the mystery of Oracle , Or the Qingqi of Xiaozhuan

It is the majestic of Lishu , Or the flow of cursive writing

The shadow of the moon is like running water ,


In the moonlight, I read long Chinese

Moonlight like silver

A thousand years ago

Is the same indifferent moonlight ?

It shines on the towering and steep mountains

Have you ever been confused by such thoughts ?


The mountains are silent , The stars are bright .

The crescent moon doesn't speak

The birds perched in the forest

At this moment, I should have had a quiet dream

In that dream


Also heard the gentle heartbeat of the moon


I also understand those sideways and vertically ……

2021.8.26, Jinling .

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