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Even if it's boring, embrace life

2021-09-01 04:20:41 Photography

Clumsily embrace life

Everyone is looking for . All want to be what they want to be . Stumble on the road , Your destiny , Your life , Only once . Visible , Invisible , It's all there . Confused every day from timidity into a sentence that doesn't matter . You stubbornly resist with silence in other people's world . How many injuries have you suffered from your clumsiness , You're in your own world again , How much power has been given . Hope is always more than despair , Don't be afraid of boring . Live too hard to get hurt , The more clumsy, the hotter . See how time flies , Some people have no news . Look at it from a distance , Just stand at that point , Clumsily perform what others want to see . You smile , I don't want to say anything . Between heaven and earth , see , Nothing there? , At least , The sun , The stars , The moon won't abandon you , Part of them also belongs to you .

Live your life

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