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Three life dream

2021-09-01 04:24:52 Life journey

The lake rains three times ,

Born like a dream .

When I sleep, my tears are thin ,

Rare love and good luck products .

( Pingshui rhyme )

notes :

        The west lake ️ It's raining secretly again , Don't say hello . No one knows , How many secrets are hidden in the quiet rain . After all, shuttling through the previous life and the next life is it .

        I don't know about the past and the next life . But I know that in this life, since I remember , I feel that my life is like a dream like a series .

        Every time I sleep , If there is induction , I always shed tears unconsciously . It's like losing something . But soon , Tears will always be more and more scarce .

        I kind of believe in the past and this life , Although science cannot explain . therefore , I stubbornly believe that the marriage of this life comes from the care of the previous life .

        If I really continue the past , So this is a good story . that , I will naturally hold on to it , Don't let it have a chance to leave .

        The West Lake is raining secretly again . This time I know .

        Because at this time , It happened that I woke up from my deep sleep , His eyes glistened with tears .






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