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Eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy

2021-09-01 04:24:53 Life journey

A lot of times , People like to discuss life philosophy with others .

Whether it's a Bodhisattva , Or ask an expert , Want some great ways .

As a matter of fact , There are so many secrets , How can there be so much profound truth .

A lot of things , It was very simple , It's just that people are used to complicating it .

such as , How many people are pursuing the way of life , Short videos have a variety of “ The master ” Introduction method , There are all kinds of articles on the Internet , There are a variety of health products in the drugstore .

a way of keeping good health , Is it that deep ?

I think , It's nothing more than —— Eat when you're hungry , Sleep when you are sleepy .

But there's always someone , The evening has come, and the morning , Still brush a short video to see how to keep healthy , In the morning, I can't get up again , Can't eat breakfast, etc .

Such a life , If it doesn't return to normal , Daily work and rest , Eat regularly , The best nutritionist can't help .

Some people also spend a lot of money on Financial Management , But never count your expenses 、 What is the income? , If you have no money, just borrow it and spend it .

There is no deposit in a year , There are a lot of bills waiting to be paid , Such a state , Maybe Buffett teaches me every day , There won't be much wealth .

A lot of things , There is no unfathomable truth , But many people just don't do it .

Actually , Be pragmatic , Do some simple things well , Hold the line , Can also achieve their own extraordinary life !

writing / At the end of Sinology

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