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terribly fatigued

2021-09-01 04:24:55 Life journey

Unnecessary overtime , I have to get up early tomorrow , Upset .

The mood is a bow , Too full , Always break .

Don't want to talk , Don't want to be disturbed , Now I just want to lie quietly , Turn over a few pages of books , Temporarily forget all the things of the day .

Eager to understand , Eager to know , How difficult .

Simply don't tangle , Leave the day to the day , The night belongs only to yourself . A few lines , A paragraph , Through thousands of years, redeem the cool heart .

Life is a practice , Repair your heart , Practice your own for . Never mind the disobedience of others , You don't care , It has no lethality .

Life includes many aspects , Show here , Displayed there . You don't shine here , It must be bright .

Make a secret effort , Don't sigh for the world , Just for the amazing time .

I'm fine , On the way .

2021 year 8 month 26 Japan     night   In prayer  

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