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Life and death

2021-09-01 04:42:03 Literary frequency modulation

Kumquat tree was bought a few years ago , It was in the earth , Although it's not big, it's green and full of vitality . But then the open area became a parking lot without asking for it , After several struggles, I still suffered , There are also five or six seedlings . This purchase is partly due to the original reluctance , It's partly due to the obsession with planting trees .

Land comes from nature , It should be used for nature . But since humans strive for primates , Became its master , Then you have an appointment to belong . But this belonging is not really belonging , Once unable to maintain , They take it for granted to others . Plants grow in the soil , But it's the one who can't maintain . And I'm , And can't be with it all the time , How can they ruin their lives again because of their own preferences . So this time I will plant it in a pot , There is fertile soil again . Green leaves stand tall in the red soil , See its dense , Cut a few more branches and leaves , After that, the fine water irrigation was completed .

The joy of planting often makes me hum 《 Orchid grass 》, I don't know how many of Mr. Hu's masterpieces , I only heard that his days are often entertained in Mahjong . Only the lyrics of this song are popular , But I was impressed .“ I came from the mountains , With orchids ……” A joy in getting , Hope for effort , In the fruitless loneliness, light in the heart . Life is like the growth of a tree , Let nature take its course , But the flowers should bloom , Fruit of fruit , And the flowers need to be gorgeous , The fruit must be big and self taking , Then helpless . I was born ordinary , Longer than ordinary , Young children are ignorant , Little but no ambition , Green and confused . From not knowing where I was born to , What long did . Just follow your heart , Living and running , Seek relief from boredom . Shallow in the heart , But the strength of Tao is not obvious . So I often think , I was born ordinary , Longer than ordinary , Why not be old and ordinary . No great achievement , How to do nothing , No ambition , And not ambition . Just like this tree in front of you , Take good care of , The continuation of life is not an ambition . however , But three days , But see the leaf roll falling , The branches withered and nearly withered .

I have no research in planting , I don't know if it's a pest , Or lack of light , Or acclimatized . First move to the dark , I think it's a newcomer who needs to rest first , To root like the earth , Before entering the Yang . No effect . Some people are in a hurry, so they ask for knowledge on the Internet , But see kumquat like Yang , Insufficient light will cause the leaves to fall , I moved out again . But after moving out , Still not getting better . Instead, the branches are getting dark , If it is burned by strong light . And on the Internet , Soil pH or discomfort , But I'm not a professional , How to measure ? And if , If it's really uncomfortable, where can I find the right soil . At that time, I thought about Hesse's 《 Trees 》, The world is noisy on their treetops , Their roots are deep in the boundless …… Achieve their own goals 、 The laws contained in them …… What a powerful vitality it has ! Why should I worry too much . Perhaps this is only the necessary alternation of life and death in the process of its migration .

But a few days later , The alternation of life and death seems closer to the latter . I'm just a mortal , Seeing this, there is no adult reason , But I don't know what to do , Then the bull spirit rushed , A dead horse is a living horse doctor , Uproot it . Then you can see that the root system is developed , But it seems to be locked in the wet soil . The earth lives for it , But also for its binding . Of course, I'm not a professional , It is not conclusive , But there seems to be a sense of its plea , Then he imprisoned it like the land of pupa eggs , Use a small rake to cut . Get rid of the soil , Long roots stretch . And pour it under the faucet , It's like seeing Youlong . It was dawn , A little light at the beginning of life , The grass buds wake up , Pistil eyes .

Hope at the beginning of life , Less and reckless . Without the hardships of life , I always feel that heaven and earth are infinite and one step can ascend . But when it comes to young people, it doesn't go well , Hope is slim , Middle age is approaching dusk , The mountain is higher than the West , But it was sunny that day ? Only know the sunrise and sunset , Practice often , Practice often . The trees are still withering away , Only the short part on the root is still green , I see hope in the setting sun , I have sighed the long sleep of Yuehua .

Leave now , I meant to , Now it has become unintentional . Only life is different , Trees are not . Although there is soil and water, it can live , And live forever . But there are still three thousand years as long as a Chung tree , Three thousand years is autumn , Short if that born and unfortunate in a place without water . Leave now , I ended here with failure , There can be no more trouble . Life goes on , But never stop losing . Leave now , That monument lying in the soil , The tenderest admonition has been given .

The sun rises and sets often , Why cherish a moment of life . I came to the balcony in the morning , Came to the elegy of that night . The dead branches have been stained with ink , Engraved on the monument . But there are several clusters of new green , Delicate as if you first met in the world , It burst out at the short part of that root . I wonder if the washed root regained its breath , Or the tenacity of life . I can't help but pull up the corners of my mouth , I only feel happy in silence , As bright as the warm sun . All of a sudden , The lush mulberry swaying outside the house , The mulberry that has been captured by the merciless long saw again and again , With a clang . I quickly brought a kettle to water , Spray carefully around , Dare not touch the new green . Then I saw dead branches connected with new green , Life and death are connected , It was a constant failure , Life goes on .

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