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On the road 17: jump over the dragon's gate in the West Mountain

2021-09-01 04:53:34 Photography

The last stop of the trip to Yunnan is Kunming , In Yunbo , wetland , There is a tangle between the flower market and Xishan , Brother Ren has an idea , Certainly “ Climb the West Mountain , Yuelongmen ” 了 .

“ Yuelongmen , Guandian Lake ”, Sounds attractive

At the foot of the mountain , Go to Nie Er's tomb first , The National Anthem creator who died young is the pride of the people of Kunming

Climb the cable car up , All the way full of lush

Until lingxu Pavilion , There is a sign that this is the place where Xu Xiake has been

I admire Mr. Xu Xiake very much , I don't know how he climbed up in such a dangerous place , The following two photos look ordinary , When I was taking pictures, I was standing by the cliff and had a fear of heights , A fit of dizziness

The little sister on the mountain sells her own local snacks

There is a place called “ Little stone forest ” The place of , Some jagged rocks

With the different angles of climbing , The visible parts of Dianchi Lake are sometimes large and sometimes small

There are caves on cliffs , It is said that he was a poor Taoist. He had only a few years of experience and chiseled it out

The stone carvings on Longmen cliff are very exquisite , Long life

There is a white elephant on the left of Datian Pavilion , There is a dragon on the right

The so-called dragon's gate is not big , And at risk

Look back over the dragon's gate

Beautiful mountain flowers can be seen occasionally on the cliff

Sanqingjing , Putuo Shengjing

Holy parents' hall and Laojun Hall

Come down the mountain , A huge stone wrote to Xu Xiake 《 Travel to Taihua mountain 》. It is said that Phoenix inhabited here in ancient times , The natives call the green chicken , Therefore, the mountain is named Biji mountain , Also known as Taihua mountain

There is also a small Art Museum

Take the return bus all the way down the mountain , Along the way, there is the Huating Temple of the Yuan Dynasty , Taihua temple and Yulan garden

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