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Look back and don't see the grass

2021-09-01 04:53:39 Photography

I thought I decided to be a good horse , You can be a good horse .

I thought I decided to be a rabbit , You can be a rabbit .

It may turn out that I was wrong .

I tried to run , Like a truly free horse , But old troubles are holding me back , I'm exhausted …… It's very painful .

The grass beside the nest has long been eaten up , To look back , Thought the loyal grass was still in place , But never again .

It turns out that poisonous weeds have already defected , Secretly fell in love with dandelion , Put on a “ Cheap belly stupid ”. Alack! !

Since the grass is no longer grass , Still thinking about what to do ?

Just run with the pain ! Even if I'm alone on the road . As long as you don't give up , Every step counts .

Photography / Hibernating seed

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