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Everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella

2021-09-01 04:54:05 Life journey

It didn't rain after work today , Of course I didn't think of taking an umbrella . But it didn't go far before it began to rain , The rain is not small , It's a moderate rain .

There is no shelter around , I can only run as hard as I can , There is no other choice . Not for a moment , The rain still wet my hair , Rain drips down my cheeks , Then the clothes got wet . I just stopped running , Anyway, the clothes are wet , There's nothing worse .

little does one think , I won't run , It rained less , I thought. , God, what do you mean . I looked at myself , Not too bad , Only the clothes are wet , The jeans are not wet , That's weird .

It didn't take long , I walked downtown , Don't be afraid now , You can take shelter from the rain everywhere , I was thinking . God seems to know what I'm thinking , It's like you can't get along with me , Then suddenly it rained heavily , I'm sure I can't go any further .

I stood in front of a closed shop to take shelter from the rain , Spread your wet hair , I hope it can dry quickly , Take out your cell phone and play . A cool breeze came , Maybe the clothes are wet , I feel a little cold , I'm not in the mood to play with my mobile phone .

I looked at the sky helplessly , I don't think it will rain like this all the time , I'm so cold and hungry . At this moment , A kind elder sister looked at me , say :“ I have an umbrella here , Take it first .”

I said :“ no need , It shouldn't rain long .”

Elder sister said :“ The girl , You'll catch a cold like this , Hair and clothes are wet , Hurry home .”

I am very grateful , say :“ How can I give you back my umbrella ?”

Elder sister said :“ No need to return , It's just an old umbrella , Everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella .”

I said, :“ How about .”

Elder sister said :“ The body matters , Go home !”

I feel so warm in an instant , I like living in this city , I don't want to leave , It should be because this is a very friendly place .

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