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Campus before school

2021-09-01 04:59:52 Photography

Near the teachers' dormitory area

School starts in three days , Except for freshmen , Students in other grades will go back to school one after another .

In the morning , I went around the campus . As expected , A campus of more than 1000 mu , Almost no one can be seen . The teaching building sits quietly , The leaves of Wutong are stretched out , In the pond in front of the office building , Big goldfish , Little fish , Leisurely wandering in groups .

Walk past the student dormitory area , Tall camphor trees stand , Occasionally I can see sparrows flying by . On some balconies , I can see the clothes that students forgot to take in during the holiday last semester , Still hanging on the clothesline , I guess I should throw it away when I come back in the new semester .

There are no fireworks in the canteen . Some advertisements left over from last semester are still pasted on the wall . It is estimated that the teachers in the canteen will arrive at school soon . Clean up , Clean the cooking utensils , And prepare the oil in advance 、 Seasoning 、 Rice 、 Face .

Passing another student dormitory area , Suddenly I found someone in the corridor on the first floor , More than one . Take a closer look. , It's the staff of the logistics department who are tidying up the room , Repair doors and windows .

The door of the dormitory building for foreign students is open . They haven't come to school for two semesters , I guess I can't come this year . Mainly because of the epidemic . It is said that some foreign students have given up studying abroad , Choose to go to college in your country .

Walking near the library , I found a small truck parked next to the aisle , It's full of Textbooks . The new term begins , There should be a large number of books distributed . The first few days of school are also the busiest days in the textbook room .

It's a big circle , Go back to the square facing the school gate . From a distance , Only three flags are flying high . Whether it's windy or rainy , Whether or not anyone passes by , They've always been there , It's like telling people that everything is normal , This is a sacred place .

There are two straight lanes from the square to the school gate , The sidewalks on both sides are covered with green canopy , Let the people walking below have a relaxed pleasure .

The new term begins , According to the regulations of the school , You must take your temperature when you enter the school gate , Show health code . Even teachers should follow the rules . It is said that , The nearby public security police station will send someone to come , Check and supervise whether the access management of the school gate is in place .

A student dormitory with logistics personnel

Second, canteen

Dormitory building for boys in junior college class

Unfinished teacher's apartment

The open door of the international student building

The pond in front of the administration building

New teaching building

Workers who work upstairs in the library

The teaching building of electromechanical College


The sidewalk leading to the gate

Here comes the new textbook

Undergraduate student dormitory area

Closed school gate

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