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Wonderful to pray

2021-09-01 05:08:55 Photography

【 Wonderful to pray 】

May our awakened garden be full of flowers ,

May we bring peace and joy to every family ,

May we plant the seeds of goodness on the path of all walks ,

May we never try to escape the suffering of time ,

When any life needs help , We're right there .

May mountains and rivers witness ,

We salute and pray for the Buddha's acceptance and embrace .


May you have peace 、 Peaceful 、 Happy

Bright body and mind

May you be safe , Stay away from anger 、

disease 、 Fear and worry

May you know how to look with tolerance and love

Look at yourself

May you recognize and touch

The seed of joy in your heart

May you learn to use... Every day

Joy nourishes yourself

Wonderful go :

Nothing ever

No place to go

All the people hold on to the wonderful things

It is the Tathagata

Thank you for all the encounters

Pray for all life

Bless all karma

All merits and virtues return to all living beings

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