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Chapter three paratroopers coming against the light

2021-09-01 05:09:21 Life journey

《 If redemption has color , It's olive green against the light 》

The third chapter   Paratroopers coming against the light

I don't know how long , Qingtuan's nails have long been polished , The meat on the fingers has been worn out .

She doesn't feel any pain .

People in disaster are everywhere .

Uncle Li was called by the surviving PE teacher to help settle the students .

The Youth League doesn't expect someone to help her . She can't hurt , Qingcheng is still under , He hurts more than she does .

When a paratrooper in a green camouflage suit landed in front of the Youth League , The Youth League is like an empty shell that has lost its soul , Repeat the movement of carrying .

The paratroopers are about one meter away from the Youth League , He brought a lot of gloves .

He handed a pair of gloves to the Youth League , Say softly :“ The elder sister , Wear a glove , You move like this , Fingers are going to hurt .”

Maybe that sentence “ The elder sister ” Like the tone of Qingcheng , Maybe the Youth League is too eager for someone to help her , Qingtuan raised his head , His hands are still on the ruins , With dishevelled hair and a dirty face , Extremely embarrassed .

Paratroopers squat down , Pass the handle cover to qingtuan .

The Youth League saw the sky behind the paratroopers , And paratroopers are falling one after another .

This picture is printed in the mind of the Youth League .

Then I remembered this scene , The Youth League thinks , It was the only time she had understood a word so deeply —— God came down to earth .

“ The elder sister , I'll add some water to you .” Paratroopers from the Youth League hat , Take out Uncle Li's thermos .

When Uncle Li was called away by the PE teacher , Put the thermos cup in the qingtuan's hat .

The paratrooper folded his umbrella and put it away , Start digging ruins .

There are small shovel for paratroopers , Dig much faster than the Youth League .

The paratroopers no longer spoke to the Youth League .

One paratrooper after another joined the team digging the ruins .

The Youth League felt that it could breathe a little .

Qingtuan doesn't know how he fainted , When you wake up , I lay in a temporary tent on the small square .

It's already dark , No street lights , It's dark all around , Only the overhead lights of paratroopers on the ruins .

The paratroopers are still digging .

The Youth League got up , Want to go back to the ruins and continue digging , Stopped by soldiers coming :“ You used to be useless now . You don't have a light , No tools , You have collapsed . If you get hurt , And occupy relief supplies . You rest quietly , Drink this glucose , More useful than anything .”

The Youth League is determined to stand up and return to the ruins , Said the soldier :“ If you can stand up , Just sit over there , Let the lying position out for the wounded . Did you see it? , Where the green light is over there , Be careful when you walk over . Let me help you tie the thermos cup to your body .”

Qingtuan drank glucose , Get up and walk outside the tent , Go to the ruins , Lower your head and move the stone .

She can't see clearly , But she thought , If you don't come and move the stones , I have no place to go .

I don't know how many falls , I don't know how many times , At dawn , The Youth League heard someone calling him .

“ The girl , Your brother was sent to the medical point in people's Square , Go and have a look ”. It's uncle Li's voice .

The Youth League looked back , I saw Uncle Li looking haggard .

“ Go, girl , You'll be tired here sooner or later .” Uncle Li pointed to the army green tent with his eyes ,“ Where do they have the energy to take care of you . Don't fall .”

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