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Chapter 2 what happens when people are most afraid

2021-09-01 05:09:27 Life journey

《 If redemption has color , It's olive green against the light 》

Chapter two   What happens when people are most afraid

Extreme fear and violent vibration , The Youth League can't feel how long time has passed .

She was lying on the steering wheel , Foot dead on the brake , Afraid of losing control of the car and rushing out .

When she can raise her head , What came into view was the rollover school gate 、 A cracked little square , And the collapsed teaching building .

The Youth League rushed out of the car like crazy , Run to the location of Qingcheng class .

Uncle Li, the security guard at the door, got up from the ground at almost the same time , Run after the Youth League .

The Youth League rushed to the ruins , Jump down and move the broken bricks , Uncle Li came up to help .

A moment later , Uncle Li, a man from the northeast, found something wrong .

He came and took qingtuan's arm , Trying to pull the green regiment from the ground :“ The girl ! The girl !! You say something , You turn your face to Uncle Li and have a look ?”

The Youth League was dragged by Uncle Li , Took a sharp breath , Cry out in an instant :“ My brother !!!!!!! Dig my brother !!!!!!”

“ dig !!!! The girl , Uncle, help you dig !!!! Take a breath , Don't stop breathing !!!! Do you know ? Gasp !!!! You have to breathe !!!!” Uncle Li, a retired soldier , Sensitively aware of the abnormality of the Youth League .

In the last few minutes , The Youth League is full of tears , quietly . Not even breathing .

When people are in extreme fear , Will forget to breathe .

Uncle Li slapped the Youth League on the back twice , Help her get rid of suffocation .

People have joined the excavation team one after another , The Youth League has no time to consider whether anyone has come to help .

She moved bricks and stones mechanically , I can't imagine just jumping into Qingcheng of the teaching building with a smile , What is it like now .

However , How to dig !!!!!

A five story teaching building , It has collapsed into ruins .

Layers of reinforced concrete are mixed with broken tables and chairs , Pile it up .

I don't know where people are .

I don't know when the aftershock will come .

I wonder if Qingcheng is still in the classroom .

I don't know which stairs he ran down .

I don't know him .......

The Youth League dare not think down , Can only move bricks and stones crazily , His hands were covered with sand and dust .

The Youth League can't see the blood flowing from the worn fingers , I can't see the trace of tears falling on the rubble .

“ Girl, you drink .” When Uncle Li ran out of the security room , Instinctively holding his stainless steel thermos .

The Youth League mechanically took over and poured two , Then he turned and buried his head and continued to dig .

Uncle Li pulled the Youth League up , Beat the qingtuan's lumbar spine twice :“ The girl , You have to straighten up and catch your breath , To have the strength to continue moving .”

The Youth League stood straight and gasped , I scanned the condition of the teaching building with my eyes .

She felt dizzy , Fear is getting deeper and deeper .

She knew that , The sooner we dig out Qingcheng , The more likely Qingcheng is to live .

She knows she doesn't have time to rest here .

She knows that every minute counts .

She knew she was too weak to save Qingcheng .

She knew she was too humble to struggle in the face of disaster .

She knew that ...... She knew her brother must be waiting for her , My brother knows she hasn't gone far , So my brother must know that she will come back to save him !

Yes , My brother is waiting for me , I have to save him !!!!

Qingcheng took a few breaths , Bury your head and continue to move , I wish I could get into this pile of ruins , Remove the gravel , Find your brother .

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