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Mr. l | how to live a life with a sense of gain?

2021-09-01 05:29:46 Life journey

We always say : To pursue a sense of meaning 、 Sense of value 、 A sense of purpose 、 Fulfillment ……

But these concepts , It's more or less empty , It's a little big, too .

It's easy to get involved in the metaphysical category , Become focused on humans , Not individuals .

that , Is there a more grounded gas 、 The idea of being closer to life ?

What is? 「 The acquisition 」?

I define it as : When you look back on the past day at night , You will feel , This day is a harvest , It's substantial , You don't think another day has been wasted , But feel satisfied , You can go to sleep with good hopes 、 Welcome a new day —— This is a kind of 「 The acquisition 」. that , How to cultivate the sense of gain in daily life ?

Most critical , Is to make yourself feel : The past day is the only , It's unique , It's like every other day , It's not the same .

My own words , be called : use 「 project 」 The way of thinking to live .

use 「 project 」 The way of thinking to live , By arranging some large or small 「 project 」, To make your day 「 different 」. We are in life , In fact, it will encounter the pull of two forces .

One force is called 「 inertia 」.

It will require us to follow the established path every day , Follow your habits , Pursue the minimization of resource consumption .

Another force is called 「 Explore 」.

When you walk completely according to the power of inertia , Then your day will become very monotonous 、 dull , At this time ,「 Explore 」 It will go online .

It will push us to do something different , So as to set off a little waves in ordinary daily life .

that , What is daily project thinking ?

1) Record your thoughts

2) Topic Reading and learning

3) Build positive connections with others

4) Correct your weaknesses

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