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2021-09-01 05:39:20 Life journey

Eason Chan is in 《 Love shifts 》 Sing in : How many windows have been wandering , How many hotels have you stayed in , Will feel that separation is not unjust ; Emotion is used to browse , It's still for collection , So that the days will be unforgettable every day .

In the long journey of life , Have you counted how many hotels you've stayed in ? The people I met , Encountered those things ; Sometimes it feels like , Time flies by , Rushing water ; Sometimes I feel , Time passes so slowly , Spend the night , It feels like a century has passed .

Life on earth , Or for life , Or for survival ; Work hard in a crowded world , I've stayed in many hotels , modern 、 Tradition 、 High-grade 、 Ordinary 、 Big 、 Small , But whatever it is , How many can you remember ?

Stay in a hotel , Seems to have the feeling of travel ; Life is a practice , hotel , It seems that we are in practice , Every post station passing by ; therefore , Some people like to stay in hotels , It seems that every tomorrow , All have unknown curiosity , There are unpredictable good things happening .

Every place , The hotel doesn't have to be too big , But there must be temperature ; There? , People I met 、 What happened 、 The mood at the moment , Will make you have different emotions ; Stop and go , Experience different life feelings , This may be the meaning of the hotel .

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