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                  Part 9 (049)

Chapter 250

                The sisters helped Li Guirong prepare for the new year

                Yu Xiaohong talks about you Shanze's past scandals


the second day , the 26th of the twelfth lunar month , Many people come to help Lin Xin get married , There are poplars 、 chrysanthemum 、 Fairy flower 、 Sun Li 、 Meng fanxia 、 Lin Xinying , And LV Ping , Lin Xinlong and Wang Xingli , Lin Chongli and Li Rongrong , Lin Xinjun and Liu Xiuling . LV Ping became the commander in chief , Firewood chopper , Soft surface , Steamed buns , Wok ……, They all know that Li Guirong is pregnant again , Don't let Li Guirong do , I won't let Lin Xincheng start , The master really became the shopkeeper .

Li Guirong's pregnancy , LV Ping has known for a long time , She also wants to have another , And the diviner also said , She is the life of five men and two women , Since there is , Better late than early , Give birth to yourself early, young and full of blood , The quality of the children is good . Children are more difficult , But with the full help of my father-in-law and mother-in-law, I take care of , Difficulties will always pass . Lin Xincheng kept telling her , All my life , It is to move forward in constantly overcoming difficulties , Overcome difficulties , Is to make achievements , Overcome difficulties , There is light . Besides, , Family composition has changed , Their own children will be like those of the poor and lower middle peasants , There is a future , Why not a few more .

LV Ping told Li Guirong what she thought , Li Guirong also expressed support for her , therefore , She doesn't use contraception anymore . But she's not pregnant yet .

Half a ring , Shi Wenjing and Yu Xiaohong come back with big and small bags , The girls and boys cheered , They all scramble to pick up their bags . After receiving it , All open again J The zipper on the bag , There are not only clothes bought for the family , And new year's tobacco, wine and meat .

Li Guirong said a word of gratitude .

Shi Wenjing pointed to Yu Xiaohong and said :“ These things , More than half of the money is paid by your red sister ."

Yu Xiaohong said :“ You usually take care of the children , It's Chinese New Year , I'll buy something ? The state made up so much money for my parents , I don't use it on you. I use it on who else ?"

Li Guirong said :“ Red sister , This year our family also has a bumper harvest , The grain of wheat and autumn alone sold nearly 5000 yuan , The cotton planted on 20 mu of saline alkali land sold for nearly 15000 yuan , There are more than four acres of Yang Miao     , Wait for a year to sell , It's estimated that it can sell for five or six thousand yuan . in the future , You won't spend any more money on us ."

Shi Wenjing said with a smile :“ I just had a few money and burned it. It's not ? How many children do you have , There will be many places to spend money in the future , Save some money . Besides, , Every year is like this year , Disaster prevention year . You're not like our wage earners , Drought and flood ensure a good harvest . I'm your sister , I should help you ."

Yu Xiaohong also took over :“ I shouldn't be any different from your sister ? Besides, , I'll expect your children to provide for me in the future , If you have money, it won't be spent on you. It will be spent on who ?"

Li Guirong said nothing more .

Shi Wenjing and Yu Xiaohong see so many people helping Lin Xin get married and make new year's buns , Also need to help , Li Guirong advised them :“ The girls and boys who come to help are not finished , Your brother and I are still idle , I don't need your help ."

  Kneading dough and steamed bread is done in the main room , Chrysanthemum kneading noodles said to Li Guirong :“ niang , Take your two aunts and sister Sun Li to the east room to talk , Everything here , Isn't it under the command of aunt LV Ping ?"

Other girls say the same .

Li Guirong remembered to introduce chrysanthemums and fairy flowers to his two sisters , Just pull the two girls up to him and say :“ Two sisters ,  Let me introduce you to , These two girls are our daughters , This is called chrysanthemum , This is called Xianhua , It is the six daughters and seven daughters of Zhao Shaofu, the Secretary of the former brigade ."

Shi Wenjing knows chrysanthemum , She is brother Lin Xincheng's teacher Peisheng , On the day of unified check-in, chrysanthemum talked to her , Just because I only met that once , I didn't recognize it for a moment , Jing Guirong said , Immediately remembered , And she has never seen Xianhua , These two girls are really outstanding , therefore , She and Yu Xiaohong both boasted :“ What two beautiful girls .“

Chrysanthemum said :“ gu , My godfather worried a lot about our sisters , Especially for our two little sisters , We all respect and appreciate my godfather , So my seventh sister and I recognized them as godparents , We should honor them like our own parents ."

Shi Wenjing and Yu Xiaohong boast that the two girls are sensible .

Li Guirong led Shi Wenjing, Yu Xiaohong and sun Ligang into the East Room , Lin Xincheng followed in , He said to his two sisters , Guirong is pregnant again , Shi Wenjing and Yu Xiaohong were very happy , Shi Wenjing said :“ This is the only brother in my mother's family , The prosperity of the population depends entirely on sister GUI Rong , Having a baby doesn't have to worry about feeding , I will try my best to help you .“

Yu Xiaohong said :“ And me , I have no family or reason , No fertility again , Expect your children to support you for the rest of your life , As long as my sister can be born , My money , In addition to my expenses , It's all for you ." And then he said :“ After the new year , Lin Lin is four years old , When I go back , Take their brothers away , Let Aunt Huang alone help me take them ."

Listen to what Yu Xiaohong said , Shi Wenjing said :“ Now that that's it , Let Aunt Huang live in my house , Let my mother take care of the children with her , such , My mother also has a companion , Weizhi and Xiaoyun can also see their two younger brothers every day . Little red sister , You'll miss your children , I often take time to see ."

Yu Xiaohong said :“ The elder sister , This will cause you a lot of trouble .”

Shi Wenjing said :“ Are difficult people , Should help each other , Besides, , Lin Lin is my mother's nephew ."

A conversation between two people , Both Lin Xincheng and Li Guirong were moved , With tears in his eyes , His mouth is laughing , I just don't know what to say .

Just then , Shi Wenjing changed the topic , She asked Sun Li :“ Li Mei , How's the summary written ?"

Sun Li said shyly :“ The elder sister , I can't write , The summary was written by my brother , It has been written ."

Shi Wenjing said with a smile :“ I knew you were here , I'll give the summary to your brother . It's OK , Your brother writes , That belongs to Zhang Fei eating bean sprouts , a piece of cake ."

Lin Xincheng suddenly had an idea , Why don't you ask your two sisters now , They know about you Shanze , I don't know. Let them ask , It's better to know , Sun Li's sister is in front of her , Save yourself learning from him , So he asked :“ Two sisters , Ask you about a person , I wonder if you know ?"

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