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She village, a mysterious ancient village (22)

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The dance of the wind

The dance of the wind

Visited the beautiful and visually stunning Mine Park , You might as well go to Shecun reservoir to see different scenery .

At the foot of Qinglong mountain , Qinglong mountain villa , Sitting on the Bank of Shecun reservoir , It is really another good place for she village .

The name of Qinglong mountain villa is not only beautiful , The scenery is also a lever drop . It covers an area of about 50 mu , Located in the beautiful scenery 、 Jiangning Shangfang Town, close to mountains and rivers , Take the natural green mountains as a barrier , Pavilions and pavilions arranged in a staggered manner , Precious fragrant flowers , A villa integrating the essence of Chinese and Western Architecture , Live near the mountain , It's an episode of fishing 、 Restaurant 、 accommodation 、 entertainment 、 A comprehensive suburban vacation and leisure place integrating conference affairs

Qinglong villa is very big , The inside and outside environment here is beautiful , The air is fresh , There are lakes and mountains everywhere , The natural ecological environment is very beautiful , The decoration also has the style of Thai resort hotel , It's physically and mentally pleasing .

Every time I climb high and look into the distance , The four banks are green with grass , reluctantly bid farewell . Flower season , The wild vegetables in the mountains are blossoming , I can't help feeling relaxed and happy , It's like being in a fairyland .

The dance of the wind

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