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Making watermelon paste

2021-09-01 05:46:16 Life journey

Watermelon paste , Our local name is guadou . I went to junior high school and high school , Melon beans have always been with me as a side dish , But so far I'm not tired of eating , Every once in a while, I want to cook a dish to satisfy my craving . Unfortunately , I've never done it myself .

The traditional practice of melon beans is to soak the soybeans one night in advance , Cook it in a pot the next day , Remove and cool in controlled water , Then mix noodles . Then find an empty room , Put a reed mat , Spread the beans evenly on the noodles , Cover the beans with Artemisia annua ( Mosquito repellent fly ). After four or five days , The beans are covered with yellow oysters , That means it's covered . Put the beans in the dustpan , Bump hard , Remove most of the Yellow oyster seeds , Then pick some big watermelons , Choose a day when the sun is especially good , Find a big basin , Mix the beans with the melon pulp , Add salt in proportion , Sichuan Pepper , Octagon , ginger , red pepper , If possible, you can also put some walnuts . Finally, cover the basin mouth with a thin white cloth , Expose to the sun on the platform . Melons and beans are usually made in June , The sun is the best this month , Less rain , After a month or so , The melons and beans are dried into purple sauce , It's dried . Then you can bring it to the house , Tightly sealed , It won't go bad for a year .

Now? , With the improvement of people's living standard , People began to pay attention to healthy diet . Aspergillus flavus in covered melon beans is a high carcinogen , Changing the original production process is the key . How can melons and beans keep the taste of soy sauce without fermentation ? The great gods on the Internet show their powers , Look at their production process and the color of melon beans , I can't help feeling .

According to the online introduction , I'll cook the beans first . Because it was a temporary idea , I didn't soak beans in advance , Not to mention how many beans , Pour out most of the beans in the bag that my aunt gave me last year , After some washing , I started cooking in a saucepan . I added two pots of water , Cooked for an hour , Try the beans. They are not very waxy , The water has boiled down most of the time , I added a small basin . Keep adding firewood , Then I was bored for a while , Beans are noodles .

Then I went to the supermarket to buy a bottle of Haitian soybean paste ( There's no sweet noodle sauce in stock ), ginger , Big stuff , watermelon . Millet pepper can be put according to personal preference . everything , I took the beans out and controlled the water , Put on the frying pan , Put enough peanut oil ( The oil should be put more ), Heat the oil and pour in the ingredients and chopped scallions and ginger slices , Wait until the green onions turn yellow , Take out with a leaky spoon , While the oil is hot, pour in two tablespoons of sugar and prepared chopped green onion and ginger , Stir fry over low heat , Stir fry out the fragrance ( I poured a little early ), Then pour in the beans that control the dry water , Continue to stir fry , Add appropriate salt , Liquor and Spirits . Then pour in soy sauce , The purpose of stir frying is to mix beans and sauce evenly , It can also improve the flavor of sauce . Maybe I cook more beans , A whole bottle of soy sauce is used up . The usual wok is too small , A pot full , I can hardly turn over before I put the melon in .

Quickly change to medium pot , The bottom of this pot is thick , Not easy to paste the bottom . Quickly cut the watermelon , Grab the melon pulp into water by hand , Stir fry with beans . This enters the boiling process , It needs a small fire to boil slowly , And scrape the bottom of the pot with a spoon . Land cooking stove is the most suitable , Unfortunately, it has been raining , I had to use liquefied gas .

It lasted about forty or fifty minutes , Wait until the excess water evaporates , The beans are in a thick state . Look at the color , Sprinkle some scallion , The only drawback is that there is too little spicy millet . After boiling, there is still half a pot , I can't wait to put a few spoons in a small bowl , Drop a few drops of balm , Dip it in steamed bread , It tastes slightly sweet , It's better than traditional , Because it's not so salty .

Let it cool , Put it in a glass bottle , Put it in the refrigerator . Add pepper when eating 、 Process piece 、 green Chinese onion , Put oil in the pot and add water to stir fry , Taste bar drop !

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