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Menopausal sleep disorders are not terrible

2021-09-01 05:49:24 Life journey

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My parents went out to invite our family to dinner , See your daughter off . I was startled to see my mother , Her condition is getting worse and worse , Two dark circles under the eyes are particularly obvious , Appear particularly spiritless . Ask why , Yes, she woke up at 1 a.m. last night , Then I couldn't sleep . Even seeing her favorite grandson , She looked a little listless .

Mother's insomnia has been very serious in recent years , She used to say :“ At my age , What bothers me most is that I can't sleep at night , Especially awake in bed , Your father touched the pillow , And snoring , It makes me more sleepless .”

I know it's because she has ovarian failure , Low estrogen levels in the body . However , She is old , I have missed the best age of estrogen supplement mouth . After this village, there is no shop . The best time to give her hormone replacement therapy , Most of our doctors don't have this awareness , I don't know how to supplement estrogen . If you miss it and then add it , It often increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases .

To improve the mother's symptoms , I bought her two boxes of livmin online , This is a natural plant medicine , It is a preparation made from the standard extract extracted from the medicinal plant black cohosh . It can effectively alleviate perimenopausal syndrome , Especially to relieve hot flashes 、 sweat 、 Sleep disorders 、 Emotional disorders, etc , This has been widely recognized by clinical medical research at home and abroad . This medicine is suitable for mothers of this age 、 Long menopause 、 Multiple diseases 、 For elderly women with contraindications .

I sent this medicine to my parents' house , I didn't know that my father threw it away after receiving it , Then I can't find , The mother even asked three questions , I don't remember this time . After dinner, I went back to my parents' house to help them find , But I couldn't find it . This medicine is not cheap , Just throw it all into the water .

Mother's insomnia due to lack of estrogen in her body 、 Memory fades 、 Poor spirit 、 Alzheimer's and other symptoms are already very obvious . This is the same as before 、 It's totally different from her , It's heartbreaking . therefore , I bought medicine online again , Send it to us , Then send it to them .

This reminds me of being in the gynecological menopausal health care clinic , Because of these sleep problems, many patients come to see a doctor . Often listen to patients “ I go to the bathroom at night , I can't sleep when I come back ”, They often wake up early , Wake up completely unable to sleep .

Actually , I've been suffering from insomnia for the past two years , Also wake up early . But I keep a diary when I wake up early , Keep your mood calm , Don't worry because you can't sleep , therefore , After writing for a while , When the sleepers hit again , I can sleep back . In fact, insomnia doesn't have much impact on me , Instead, I keep a diary of one or two thousand words every day .

However , It has a great impact on some people . They think the sky is falling , Live in anxiety all day 、 In a state of depression , I feel mentally ill , The pressure is very high , I went to the psychiatric hospital to prescribe antidepressants, diazepam and other psychoactive drugs , And these drugs also accelerate ovarian failure .

They never thought that their insomnia symptoms were caused by low levels of menopausal sex hormones . The psychiatrist recommended these patients to come to me and found the crux of the problem , The symptoms improved quickly after hormone replacement therapy .

We know that sleep can eliminate fatigue , Make the human body produce new vitality , It is also associated with improving immunity 、 Strengthening the ability to resist disease . Many women entering perimenopause , Have different degrees of sleep disorders , But the performance is different .

The main manifestation is difficulty falling asleep 、 insomnia 、 Wake up frequently at night ( Including nightmares 、 Night terrors ) Wake up early in the morning 、 Can't fall asleep again after waking up 、 Drowsiness and snoring . And sleep disorders can be cardiovascular diseases 、 diabetes 、 Early manifestations of depression and other diseases .

Long term sleep disorders can also lead to physical problems 、 Impaired mental health , It increases the risk of periodic attack of coronary heart disease in middle-aged and elderly women , Aggravate the severity of age-related chronic diseases , Even cause death .

And modern medical research suggests , Changes in hormone levels may be an important cause of sleep disorders in women . The obvious decrease of estrogen level in perimenopausal women is the main cause of sleep disorder .

Clinical studies have found , Estrogen or progesterone supplementation can significantly improve sleep disorders in perimenopausal and post menopausal women , Reduce the number and duration of night awakening , Shorten sleep time , Extend REM sleep time .

Actually , Besides hormone replacement therapy is very important for sleep , Psychological adjustment is also very important . Older , Don't sleep less 、 Insomnia as a burden , Sleep should be less and shallow , As a physiological phenomenon . The older you get , Sleep is not the more the better , Usually every day 6—8 Hours , To meet the requirements . meanwhile , The insomnia of most middle-aged and elderly people is caused by psychological factors . Stay in bed for a long time , Trying to prolong sleep , Instead, it will contribute to psychological disorders , Aggravate insomnia .

Anxiety is the twin brother of insomnia , Insomnia for several days , The one who stays up all night , Anxiety must come with it , I think insomnia is like a tight bow , Like human nerves , Tight to the limit , You'll be anxious . Anxiety may be related to the distractions in our minds , Why do anti anxiety drugs have stable ingredients ? Make people fall asleep , There will be no distractions in the brain , Anxiety disappears naturally , So solve anxiety problems , The root is miscellaneous thoughts , Solve the problem of wishful thinking . But the human brain has countless distractions every second , Maybe you don't even realize , How do we control distractions ?

The method of one thought to settle all thoughts , To put it bluntly, it is to keep an idea in your mind , Other ideas naturally don't come in , for instance , I concentrate on keeping a diary when I can't sleep , Focus all your consciousness on the diary , I can't get in without distractions , So it's easy to calm down when writing a diary , When you're sleepy , Soon fell asleep .

For perimenopausal women , Hormone replacement therapy can treat insomnia , This has proved quite effective in my practical work . Keep quiet at the same time , Can treat anxiety , Anxiety is over , Insomnia will naturally be better , Because sleep first sleeps the heart , The Harbin , Naturally fell asleep .

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