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At the second of the first chapter, her world collapsed

2021-09-01 05:51:33 Life journey

《 If redemption has color , It's olive green against the light 》

Chapter one   That second , Her world collapsed

“ It means , I've broken up with him , How else ......” There is no resentment in the words of the Youth League .

The tone seemed to say : Come to my house for dinner in the evening , I made west lake vinegar fish .

“ Ah , That's you . Change to someone else , It's not too much to chop him with a knife .” Su Xiaomo's tone of hating iron but not steel .

The boyfriend of the Youth League, Liang Xin , I broke up with the Youth League early this morning .

The reason is that he wants to go to Beijing to develop .

Because the Youth League wants to stay in Chengdu , Therefore, different ways do not conspire with each other , Liang Xin said he could only bear the pain to break up .

Su Xiaomo is a little angry, but :“ You believe his nonsense excuse ! Gu Xuechang had already seen Liang Xin and Wu Yue , Walking around the campus hand in hand .”

“ It's not the first day I met him .” The Youth League knows Liang Xin very well .

Liang Xin is a very realistic person . Wu Yue is the only daughter of the Secretary's family of huahuan College , He can climb Wu Yue , Ten years less .

“ Oh, I won't say , I went to the gate of the small town school .” The Youth League has a brother , I'm a sophomore in Wenchuan middle school , It's called Qingcheng .

“ You're really good to your brother .” Su Xiaomo said grandly .

occasionally , Su Xiaomo thinks the Youth League is great .

The idea that the Youth League family values boys over girls , Serious enough to be close to disaster .

Su Xiaomo thought , The Youth League who grew up in this environment , Will hate your brother .

“ My brother is also very kind to me . Well, stop it. Ha, the town is going to be late .” The Youth League hung up in a hurry .

Su Xiaomo couldn't help recalling , Once she asked the Youth League , Your whole family likes your brother and doesn't like you , Don't you feel bad ?

The Youth League replied :“ The small town is very popular .”

School gate .

Qingcheng jumped out of the passenger seat , Lie on the door and say :“ The elder sister , In the evening, my last self-study class came out more than ten minutes in advance , You pick me up early , To avoid traffic jams .”

“ You can pay attention to safety , Don't get caught by your old class .” The corners of qingtuan's mouth are smiling , The tone is spoiled .

“ OK , Sister, I'm late , I went first .” Qingcheng turned and ran into the school gate .

The Youth League parked the car at the school gate , Watch Qingcheng run across the small square in front of the teaching building , Step into the teaching building .

There is a class in the small square that is already having PE class .

The Youth League bowed its head and sighed , Mobile phone , Sent a text message to Liang Xin “ The rest of my life is very long , Take care of yourself! , May you finally find someone to accompany you .”

Then take a deep breath , Start the car , Turn around , I'm going home to sort out my employment in Chengdu next month .

Next second , The earth trembled and the mountains swayed .

It was 2008 year 5 month 12 Japan . That minute , It's afternoon 14 spot 28 branch .

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