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A journey to find beauty - drunk in my hometown (1)

2021-09-01 05:57:20 Mobile photography can't stop

      The days in my hometown are very simple : Go to work 、 Reading a book 、 practise calligraphy 、 article , I usually ride or play basketball , These are what I like . in addition , When you see the beautiful scenery, you can't help holding up your cell phone , I prefer the pure beauty of nature .

    Blue sky , White clouds floating like silk and wisps .

      Natural hot spring water , Braving the steaming heat , Like fairyland .

      Green trees , Snuggle up in the arms of the forest .

      Rich treetops , Against a sky , Spreading branches and leaves , Cast a piece of shade .

      Blue water and blue sky , Reflection in the river . Clouds are floating in the sky , There are clouds in the water . Clear water , Nourish the oasis , It also nourishes a generation .

      The world is really beautiful , I hope everyone can live well !

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