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Today's note: the attention of replication is too annoying

2021-09-01 06:00:54 Photography

Maybe because not many people pay attention to me , That's why I just noticed .

Someone suddenly paid attention to , I didn't like the article , So I'm curious , Went to his home page and looked .

I found that he paid attention to more than a dozen people at one time , And also send messages to some individual , This is not the most important , most important of all , It's all those comments that look very fake , what “ Look forward to paying attention to each other ” And so on. .

Just leave it , More importantly, his comments even repeated ! But not always send the same , But a few for one !

Why does this happen ! It's too …… You said you should at least read the article , Otherwise don't comment , Comments should at least be distracted .

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