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Road   to   Photography~076

2021-09-01 06:00:58 Photography

Talk about my photography every day ……

Thinking about the idea of photography 🧐……

About the improvement of imagination and aesthetics for photographic images , I personally think it's huge .

Usually when we see a good scenery, we raise our camera to shoot , Often when we look at photos, we don't know what we're shooting , Usually this kind of photo is seen at that moment. Your eyes tell you that it is beautiful , Without your thoughts and ideas , So when you look back, it seems very dull , At best, it's beautiful, that's all .

My advice if you really love good photography , Look at good and excellent works every day , Don't be limited to the categories of photography , painting , music , literature , traditional opera , dance , Architecture , Sculpture these different art forms are worth learning and learning from .

Whenever you see a scene that makes you impulsive to shoot , You can think and exercise your imagination , What kind of picture can you get by pressing the shutter , Then check with the results of your actual shooting , See if your imagination is reflected in the picture .

The picture shared today is that I saw a pool , There was a breeze on the water , I basically outlined such a scene in my heart , Through the choice of screen elements , Get this photo and show it to share with you .

Okay , Today's sharing is here , Looking forward to tomorrow ……

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