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Study party history to see the future, forge ahead and protect people's happiness and health

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  Carry out the study and education of party history , Is to strengthen our ideals and beliefs , Consolidate the foundation of faith , Is to inherit the red gene , Further deepening the practice of the original mission , It is the re launch of opening a new Bureau, seeking a new chapter and promoting the high-quality development of work . History is the best textbook , Study party history , We can see a magnificent 、 The smoke of history , See the ambition of the older generation of revolutionaries to practice and seek , See the chilly spirit of Communists who have the courage to take responsibility . The road of the grand pass , The more difficult, the more forward , Only through struggle and perseverance .

      “ I want to know the road , History first .” Durbert's early ancestors lived a nomadic life ,“ The sky is grey , The wild , The wind blows the grass to see the cattle and sheep ” It was a true portrayal of the time . During the puppet Manchukuo period, hemp pieces wrapped around the body , Feed on chaff .1946 year , The Chinese Communist Party stationed in durbert , Kill bandits and thieves , suppress the rebellion , The people's political power is becoming more and more stable ;1947 year , Realize that the tiller has his land ;1948 year , Set off a vigorous mass production ;1949 year , The banner government vigorously develops collective industry and Commerce and agriculture ;1953 year , Bring the national economy into the planned economy track ;1956 year , Withdraw the flag and build the county ;1979 year , The spring breeze of reform and opening up blew into durbert , Everywhere is full of vitality ;1985 year , The formation of agriculture is dominated by animal husbandry 、 Diversified operation 、 The pattern of all-round development . During the war of liberation and the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea , There are almost 3000 A warm-blooded young man volunteered to join the army and embarked on the battlefield , Fight with blood . The period of socialist construction , There are hundreds of National 、 Provincial model workers and advanced workers have made contributions , Win honor for the county . Time flies by , Under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress , It has opened a new journey of enriching the people and strengthening the country in a new era .2020 year , The whole county fought against New Coronavirus in a concerted effort to achieve a phased victory .

        The Communist Party of China led the Chinese people in the revolution 、 Building 、 The struggle history of reform is the exploration history of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation 、 History of entrepreneurship and development . Understand the glorious tradition of our party 、 Valuable experience and great achievements , Can we have a deep understanding of China and stand up 、 The historical inevitability of getting rich to becoming strong , To better enhance “ Four consciousness ”, A firm “ Four confidence ”, Achieve “ Two maintenance ”, Keep strengthening your original heart , The thought and action of undertaking the mission are self-conscious .

        At present , In terms of work , Is to deeply understand the connotation of struggle in the history of the party , Take the people as the cause of “ Source ” and “ Ben ”, Stick to your faith and don't slack off , Fully understand the great significance of carrying out the study and education of party history and the education and rectification of political and legal teams , Consciously combine these two major political tasks , Promote high-quality development of work . First, adhere to political orientation , Pay close attention to learning and education . insist “ Treat now ” And “ Long standing ” Combination , Strengthen the positive and negative control , Take the opportunity of carrying out the study and education of party history in the whole Party , Put learning and education through the whole process of education and rectification , And stick to it for a long time . Study history and be reasonable 、 Learning history and increasing credit 、 Learn from Shi Chongde 、 Learn history and practice it . Further strengthen the political position 、 Be firm in your ideals and beliefs , Be loyal to the party 、 Listen to the party 、 Loyal mission . Strengthen business learning , Enhance professionalism , Improve the ability to perform duties according to law , Better adapt to the requirements of county social governance innovation and work modernization , Take more concrete measures to keep the political security line firmly , Hold the bottom line of safety and stability . Second, adhere to people-oriented , Practice the service purpose . Always adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly , Establish the concept of people first , All law enforcement services safeguard the interests of the people , All work measures should respond to the needs and aspirations of the masses , Always keep flesh and blood contact with the people , Constantly enhance the people's sense of gain 、 happiness 、 A sense of security . Third, adhere to strict management , Temper discipline and style . Firmly grasp the key point of the organic combination of party history education and promoting all kinds of work , Establish the core values of fairness and justice , Adhere to administration according to law , Practice fairness and justice , We will strive to enhance the use of legal thinking and ways to resolve contradictions 、 solve the problem . Stick to the center , Strengthen responsibility 、 Act bravely , Serve the masses to the letter .

        Study the history of the party Ming future , Grasp the law of development , Draw wisdom and strength , Cultivate a deep ideological foundation , Constantly improve political judgment 、 Political understanding and political execution , Comprehensively improve work ability, quality and professional level , We will earnestly put the study and education of party history into the concrete practice of promoting the high-quality development of work , Take responsibility with hard work 、 Be a diligent and solid first-class style and a strong guardian of the party and the people .

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