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To men

2021-09-01 06:08:43 Photography

writing : Sichenbatu

A man stays at home , It's quiet around , Occasionally came the noise of the street . There's a woman on that flashing screen , Telling the despicability of a man , Lazy to see , But I always feel a little unwilling .

After all, it's a man , Who would like the feeling of loneliness ? A person is a little boring , So I picked up my pen , Words written on paper , Familiar and unfamiliar , Maybe twists and turns , Flowing lines again and again , It's the unpredictable veins in the palm of your hand , And that's life that can't be completely predicted .

Men must be brave , It should be in the duel field of ancient Athens , A warrior who has no fear of death , Men are also vulnerable , Can give up everything , Just for the beauty of that stamen , And keep chasing , Even begging all the way , But the direction is always firm , A man may be a meteor , Die in the moment leading to brilliance .

Men are crazy on the chase , Remember the mood when you enjoyed delicious food for the first time , Remember the pride of holding the certificate , I still remember seeing the children born together appear in front of me ? Man , Riding a bike with a girlfriend , Sweat spilled on the road to happiness , He once lingered on the steps to the glorious palace , Thick black soft black hair , So dyed the whole world white , He has devoted himself to the happiness of others , Broken into pieces to make paving stones , But still silent .

        Sing for men , No way ? He is healthy and strong , Proclaiming the pride and strength of mankind , His tenderness and delicacy , Like a fragile and flexible cobweb , Mona Lisa's tears ran for him , Even if he died tragically for justice and the future , I can only see his faint smile …

Men should keep their chests up , There's nothing wrong with it ! Free flashing eyes , It belongs to the white mouse hiding in the cave , It is a cunning fox that struggles in deception and lies , Arrogant and ferocious eyes , Only twinkled in the eyes of the hungry wolf . Men are born and raised by women , But it is also the continuation of men's blood , Men should be gentle around their fingers , Also have the will of steel and tenacity .

How many men in the world can be monks who devote themselves to Buddhist scriptures , Men can't leave women ? In ancient times, there was a general who was angry and became a beauty , There are also war drama princes , A king who only wants to win the smile of beauty , Even ordinary people , Will also be for all kinds of feelings in his eyes , And toss and turn , But there are also men who sit still , There are also kings who regard women as clothes .

      Men and women are at the two poles of the world , Like right and wrong , True and false , Black and White , Who can leave who ?

Everything is changing, deducing , A long time ago , Men are women's slaves , For a long time , Women cling to men , It is possible to be happy and brilliant , Who knows, a long time later , Whether there can be men in the world , Since everything is possible , Then do it now , I hope men live like men , A woman acts like a woman ….

      This article is completed on 2015 year 4 month 6 Japan .

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