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Qi Fanqi: do you still watch the circle of friends?

2021-09-01 06:22:01 Life journey

Not long ago, an article said ,90 Has disappeared in the circle of friends . In fact, I found that ,80 Then you really have to disappear in the circle of friends .

Some people think that life in wechat circle of friends is hypocritical , It's all acting , The photos have been modified and filtered countless times 、 Skin grinding .

Real life , Where is such a beautiful place in the circle of friends , Who is not a chicken feather .

Most of my friends have set up three days to see . There are also less than half of people who have not sent a circle of friends , Or less than three a month . We don't want to show our life in the circle of friends .

Zhang Xiaolong, founder of wechat , China has a 1 A circle of 100 million people can be seen in only three days .


Why should we set three-day visibility ? I've set it up before , But then many netizens asked me in private letters , Why did you set up a circle of friends for three days ? Can you open it ? I want to see your previous content . Now my two wechat are visible for half a year .

People visible in three days , I don't want others to know about his previous life . They think that a real hard core friend must have seen it in time . Others think , Don't be too dynamic in your circle of friends , The main reason is to guide everyone to pay attention to his official account of WeChat , Learn about his life from words , This can also increase the traffic of articles .

Last year, I saw some we media celebrities tearing each other apart , Then use the screenshot of each other's circle of friends to attack each other . Although I'm not a client or their friend or relative , As a bystander, I suddenly understand that friends in the circle of friends are not real friends . Maybe one day , It's lucky that your emotion or small will become the handle of others .

The dynamics sent out by the circle of friends are irrelevant , Real pain , Who will hang it in the circle of friends ?


Now fewer and fewer people brush the circle of friends , Everyone just sends their own message , Look at your compliments and messages , Seldom go to see others .

So the future , Is there no so-called circle of friends marketing ? Are those wechat quotients greatly affected ?

Even now many writing platforms , We just send articles , He quit after sending his own , As before, there is less and less interaction , Everyone doesn't seem to have enough time . Time and concentration are scarce resources .

Too many people give second praise to articles , Don't open it at all , Some people read the first few sentences and the last two sentences in a hurry , Few people should read the whole article carefully .

This is an era of Internet content and information explosion , Content supersaturation , I often say that this is a time when authors outnumber readers . Where can I see it , Good friends and their own wechat group can't see the information .

After all, in addition to the circle of friends and reading articles , We still have to live , Life is the foundation of everything . We also need to study and work , Reading classics , Need to support the family and take care of the children , We still have a lot to do .

Wechat followers 2011 year 1 Online since , Has entered the 10 year , We are also tired of our circle of friends . It's not like just playing wechat , I want to brush all the contents of the circle of friends every day , Now that freshness has passed .


Lei Jun once said : The wind is coming , A pig standing on the tuyere can fly to the sky . Wechat once swept the country , be a trend which cannot be halted . Along with the emergence of micro businesses and numerous WeChat official account, the big coffee was born. .

Tencent and WeChat official account are the most successful products of WeChat. . He brought us a lot of convenience , It has also changed the fate of many people .

But in this rapidly changing era , A product always has its growth period , After the peak , Then it will fall to the bottom .

But as long as the circle culture is still there , Words don't die . There will be a new platform , Bring us back into one circle after another . New products will appear to replace wechat , As wechat weakens QQ The status of .

QQ Not no play , I just use it as a tool to store photo albums , Sometimes I send some photos of my children's life at home , Because there are fewer people there .QQ Even if it's used less , But we won't uninstall , Because I need to send an email , Save photos , Transfer documents .QQ Users are mainly students , My daughter uses it QQ.

It is hoped that a high-quality social content platform will be born in the future . After all, everyone has limited time and energy .

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