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2021-09-01 06:22:05 Life journey

      The population of a small tribe of Xuanmao tribe has increased rapidly , Their newly built houses are close to the vast cultivated land of a large group of Osprey survivors .

      Another warm spring , The aboriginal tribes haven't started spring ploughing yet , Many people of Xuanmao tribe have plowed out the wheat fields of the former survivors of the Osprey country , The first to form a water dike by the field , And turned it into a sparkling paddy field , Is preparing to plant new year's rice in the paddy field .

      Early in the morning , Several old Osprey survivors had breakfast , Bathed in the warm sunshine, they are driving their buffalo and pigs out of the enclosure , Ready to rush to the mountains behind the house to graze . Passing by their fields , They were suddenly surprised to find that their good land had become a watery pool , There are still people driving buffalo to plough . The herdsmen hurriedly left their livestock and ran to find the people in the fields , say :“ feed , Friend, this is the land cultivated by our family , What are you doing in our fields ?” Several ploughmen and those working at the edge of the paddy field shouted :“ These are paddy fields that we have cultivated ourselves , Can't you see ?”“ No , This is the land we have cultivated for generations , Look at the fields and the stubble of wheat and beans we harvested last year .” The herders said anxiously . The ploughmen shouted :“ Can't you see , This is the paddy field we just surrounded , Where is your arable land .” The herders left their livestock and rushed into the fields , Take the bronze hoe at the edge of the field and dig out the enclosure of the paddy field ,“ Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ......” Let the water in the paddy field out of the enclosure .

      I saw patches of paddy water being “ Whoosh ” Let go of , The ploughmen and the workers at the edge of the field are holding the tools in their hands to discharge water 、 The people who dug the embankment rushed . The quarrel grew louder and louder , You push me , Finally someone picked up a hoe and hit the other party . People in the nearby Osprey tribe village heard the quarrel and ran here one after another , They saw that the fields of their own homes and villages were suddenly occupied by others , And changed it into a watery paddy field , I was very angry . Many people ran home, picked up hoes and sticks and ran to the fields , Joined this quarrel . The quarrel soon turned into a fight , The people who ploughed in the paddy field were beaten to pieces , He threw down his hoe in embarrassment 、 Plowshares and cattle ran back to their small tribe .

      A group of cultivated men and their families ran to the house of the little chief of Xuanmao tribe , Panting :“ chief , We are ploughing the fields , People from the village over there came to dig through our paddy field and let water out , And a lot of people rushed in and hurt us , Robbed our tools and animals . Please help us !” The little chief stood in front of his house , Seeing these people with broken heads, blood and scars , After listening to their stories, I was very angry . The strong little chieftain growled and roared :“ follow me , Take revenge on them !” Pick up a wooden stick . Many people heard the little chief shouting , One after another picked up hoes 、 The wooden stick rushed to the village of the old Osprey remnant tribe not far away .

      People in the village of the old Osprey tribe saw many people roaring and rushing here in the distance , Someone rushed to the Sheikh's house in the back and told their old Sheikh . The old chief stood on the high roof , I saw the dark crowd roaring and rushing with sticks in their hands , Hurriedly roared :“ Everyone is armed and ready to deal with the people who come to attack our tribe !” therefore , Everyone quickly took out their bows and arrows 、 Axe 、 Hoes and sticks rushed to the village .

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